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BLUE-NEST is an ephemerald art project about birds migration and their nesting. The intervention took place in a public space performed by the artist in 2009 in Cuernavaca, Morelos, México.

The intervened wall hostess within his holes dozens of sparrows, chaffinch and bullfinch that habitate its interior for short nesting periods of time until they migrate to other places before the first flight of their young.

Blue-Nest (wall) Stencil and blue stamen 2009.

5 X 30 X 1m
Blue-Nest (video) 2min 17s 2009 color

1080X1920 dpi
Blue-Nest (photos) Digital photography 2009 color 20X30cm


1- the stamen was left in the ground of the place during 3 consecutive weeks.
2- over the wall, one portrait was made for every single bird that took the pre-selected materials by the artist for the construction of their nests.
3- the intervened nests were registered in photo and video.
4- photographs and the video graphic material of the process are presented with the drawings and sketches of the birds.