Floating gems are an outdoor light installation made with woven fabric and metal. The inspiration in this piece is the study of the crystal formations. As these crystals grow to reach the ground level they seem to levitate on the air above the grass while irradiating light thought their structures fragmenting the surroundings.
There are five requirements for crystals to form: mineral ingredients, temperature, pressure from the tectonic plates, time, and space. This work is a metaphor of what happens in Kinmen.

This Island have suffer many changes during the human timeline.  The politics and social pressure at this border of Taiwan and China is strong. The collisions of this two countries boil and cool down depending of the year, it transforms the perspectives of the people who live here, the people who visit and specially the immigrants who arrive here risking their lives by swimming to cross the border looking for a new life in Taiwanese soil.  

This is a commissioned artwork of the Kinmen Ocean Art Festival 2021.

All the fabric is repurposed material donated by Yee Chain International Co. 

Materials: metal and fabric
Size: 11m(L)x6m(W)x3.5m(H)
Year: 2021
Location: Kinmen Island, Taiwan.

Copyright Lua Rivera. All rights reserved.