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Flowing waters, 2022. Metal and fabric. Taoyuan City, Taiwan. 14m(L) X 32m(W) X 4m(H).

Flowing Waters is a piece of textile work inspired by the Nankan River. The watercourse separates people from the river and restricts people's access to the water. Many rivers were angular and linear in the past, but now they lose the curves and the water areas become flat. They have been conquered and tamed by human beings. The artist hopes that people will remember the original flowing shapes of waters by watching this work and keep in mind that waters in the purest shape are constantly changing to adapt to the environment and even grind the stones into sand. Human beings are nothing but the sands carried by the flowing waters. We're unable to stop the waters. Is it the waters and rivers that shape our roads and cities or the other way around? Audiences are invited to sit or lie on the work to feel it.

All the fabric is repurposed material donated by Yee Chain International Co.