This piece is a textile installation inspired by the Nankan River . 
The waterways have separated the direct contact between the people and the rivers limiting the access to their waters. Many rivers were contained in angular lines losing their curves and flatten their waters. They been conquered by the city and domesticated in certain way. 
With this work I want people to remember the original flowing shapes of the rivers and remember that water in its most pure shape is always changing and adapting to the . The waters shape the ground and even polish the rocks in their path transforming them in to sand. What are we but grains of sand transported by the flowing waters of life.  Is the water and the rivers that shaped the roads and cities and not the other way around. 

All the fabric is repurposed material donated by Yee Chain International Co. 

Materials: metal and fabric
Size: 14m(L)x33m(W)x4m(H)
Year: 2022
Location: Taoyuan City, Taiwan.

Copyright Lua Rivera. All rights reserved.