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“Water” is a reflection of our soul.

Water is one of the basic components of life on Earth. About 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water, which is the same as the proportion of water in the human body, our body is mainly composed of water, and our brain contains more than 75% water. When we fall into a water shortage situation, the body’s function system will deteriorate sharply. Why can we die without drinking water for 48 hours? How does water dissolve things? Why is water heaviest at 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit? Can energy change water quality?

Water is the most common substance on the earth, and it is also the most mysterious substance. There are many stories about water as a metaphor in history as well. Japanese scholar Masaru Emoto once published the statement that water energy affects the crystallization of water molecules based on external information. This reveals the mysterious message of water and reacts to human thoughts, music, emotions, prayers, and words. We also believe that water carries different messages in different environments, and we often feel surrounded and embraced by water in our lives. It is like a living creature, with different shapes depending on the terrain and becoming a river, lake, pond, stream, rain, ice, mist, and ocean. Therefore, we want to tangibly embrace water in the natural environment through artistic transformation.

Masaru Emoto proved that water is so powerful that it can cause destruction and change just through the human mind. He once had a study in which two photographers took photos of crystals. One is in a state of peace, the other is in a state of excitement. When transferring the feeling of “ Love and Gratitude” that Masaru Emoto calls into the water, the shape of water molecules into crystals is beautiful and balanced. On the other hand, when it sends negative feelings to water, it forms ugly crystals.

Lee, Kuei-Chih, and Lua Rivera began to use natural materials to create natural textiles floating on the water and then collected natural objects in the environment (such as flowers, fruits, leaves, twigs, etc.) for their embellishment and decoration to cover part of the water surface, It’s like a piece of clothes woven for water.

This project started in 2019, Lee, Kuei-Chih, and Lua Rivera have gradually created unique “Water dress” works in different countries, and in this artistic way to embrace the most important and mysterious substance in our lives- “water”.