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Taikang Water dress

"Water" is a reflection of our soul.

Water is the most common substance on the earth, and it is also the most powerful fluid energy. The "Water Dress" series was inspired by Dr. Masaru Emoto's scientific experiment on the influence of ideas on water crystals.

Since 2019, Lee, Kuei-Chih, and Lua Rivera have created "water dresses" that belong to unique fields in different waters. We let the work float on the water, like a dress woven for water, and use art to embrace the most important and mysterious substance in our lives - water.

Salt production requires water and time, and water is the medium of time. The concept of our work is taken from the linear landscape of the salt field and the crystallization of salt under the microscope. Through the works, it responds to the geometric arrangement landscape of Tainan's salt fields and the microscopic crystallization of salt and uses a geometric structure to protrude from the water surface, creating a sculpture similar to the salt mountain.

In this event, we use the "Taikang Water Dress" land artwork to create a fantasy landscape on the water, so that the work can coexist with the ecology of this water area, convey the interdependence and coexistence between human beings and nature, and embrace water in a tangible way.

Lee, Kuei-Chih  /  Lua Rivera.

Taikang Water dress, 2023. Wood and fabric. Taikang National Park, Tainan city, Taiwan. 60m(L)x 40m(W)x 1m(H).