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Collecting socks, 2015. Digital photographs. Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.


Odd, 2015. Single socks. Variable measures. ¨RawBox Center¨, Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico.

ODD tells the story of a hidden place impossible to access for anyone who is not a sock or tight.“Socks paradise” is a privileged  place to which  socks  migrate to in order to find everything they need to be happy. The legend is passed on by parents and cheered by each generation, mirroring every human desire to run away in search of a better  future. During  this epic journey, many socks are discovered hiding in obscure places, others are lost along the way. Nevertheless, thousands of them make this great exodus to paradise and there they live life to the fullest in the company of other similar beings.Inside this particular colony, every single guest is unique within his species and personality: socks, stockings and  tights  coexist  within  a  society  of  odd objects that become individuals, beings free from their primary roll.

I started saving the odd ones, hoping one day I would find the pair, but this never happened. I started to research more about what other people thought and experienced about this subject. At the same time I collect their stories, I also collect their odd socks.

The pairless

The collective imagination around it grew until it became an audio piece and the sock where hand stich one to the other, growing every week like a living organism. The socks were all different every time, they had their personal stories written on their fabric. They are all survivors from the trashing system, all of them integrated in a single flexible community that would take the shape of any surface.
Odd is a interdisciplinary  procedural  project  which  started in 2012. The textile installation consists of a modular structure in a process of continuous growth. It is presented  along  with projections of its video material, texts and illustrations about the process.