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Odd (2012) is an adjective in English that unifies the concepts of "unique" and "strange". This project creates self-recognition and personal bond in odd socks. This project allows us to recognize how different we are or how lonely and empty we might think we are in society. Those who do not fit into the system that shapes them, where do they belong? This work is a visual metaphor that reminds us that every human like every odd sock is unique and unrepeatable. Within this textile community individuals are transformed into an organism that represents a greater human consciousness in continuous growth.

Where do the socks go when they get lost? 

Odd tells the story of a hidden place impossible to access for anyone who is not a sock or tight.“Socks paradise” is a privileged  place to which  socks  migrate to in order to find everything they need to be happy. The legend is passed on by parents and cheered by each generation, mirroring every humans desire to run away in search of a better  future. During  this epic journey many socks are discovered hiding in obscure places, others are lost along the way. Nevertheless thousands of them make this great exodus to paradise and there they live life to the fullest in the company of other similar beings.Inside this particular colony, every single guest i s unique  within his specie and personality: socks, stockings and  tights  coexist  within  a  society  of  odd objects that became individuals, beings free from their primary roll.

“ An objects destiny is in  no  way  meant  to  be  possessed  or  used, but rather  its  only  function  is  to be  produced and bought ”

Jean Baudrillar
The System of Objects