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Shelter,  2020. Bamboo and fabric. National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute, Nantou, Taiwan. Variable measurements.

The interest of this project lies in the fact that we all need shelter, a house, an apartment, or a nest to live in search of shelter. It goes from the exploration to the construction of nests that can be inhabited by humans, seeking the direct interaction of the viewer with the piece, by allowing them to explore the sculptures and installation and take refuge inside, claiming the space as their shelter or personal nest.
If you analyze those of indigenous communities, aborigines, and ancient cultures, you can see that their shelters are very similar to those of animals. Some of the most rustic ways of living and construction methodologies, both of birds and humans, can be compared in materials, techniques, and shapes. This work investigates the construction processes of the nests and shelters of both animals and insects. It explores areas such as biology and architecture and explores the way innate instincts interact with cultural traditions during the nesting process.
This outdoor and indoor installation is entirely made with bamboo and fabrics. All the materials were collected near the installation space. It counts with four shelters of different sizes that are meant to be used and touched by the visitors of the gallery.

All the fabric is repurposed material donated by Yee Chain International Co.