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Taming the Beast, 2021. Metal and fabric. Variable measurement.

Taming the Beast is an installation piece made with repurposed textiles. The installation of amorphous shapes represents the fear of the uncontrollable excess of waste morphing and transforming to a new stage.​ This work is a portrait of a shifting era where we are struggling to find solutions to the overwhelming amount of waste produced by society and industry.   ​
During its installation, the public is invited to learn the weaving technique while adding new layers to the work. At the same time, this action creates an open discussion about the textile industry and waste and the search for alternatives and solutions for the future.​

Taming the Beast embraces a partial solution to the waste problem by promoting the use of waste material for cultural making.  It invites more companies to collaborate with artists, cultural centers, and the public in general to ease access to materials to extend their useful lives, letting the goods of today become the resources of tomorrow. Together we can tame this beast.

All the fabric is repurposed material donated by Yee Chain International Co.