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Water and Oil, 2022. Metal and fabric. Taipei City, Taiwan. 8m(L) X 17m(W) X 1m(H)​

Water and Oil gave birth to the life of the old East Taipei. As the industry and population grew, like an oily solution that repelled the lake, the water shapes gradually changed into fields. After the 1970s, the industrial center of Taipei moved eastward, the canals were added, buildings replaced the fields, and gradually formed the appearance of the Eastern District as we know it today.​
This woven artwork represents the shapes that the water and oil create due to the hydrophobic properties of the oil when in contact with the water. In this artwork, the soul of the alley culture in the East District is represented by the water shapes. Industry and city development are represented by the properties of oil.

All the fabric is repurposed material donated by Yee Chain International Co.